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What Makes Tualatin Station Bar & Grill The Perfect Lunch Spot?

We are finally deep in the fall which means we can enjoy the changing colors of the trees and the approaching holidays. But it can also get cold and rainy here in Oregon very fast and looking out your office window to see grey skies may not make work any easier.

Having a delicious lunch on your break during these rainy days is the perfect escape from any autumn chills. Fortunately, Tualatin Station Bar & Grill is perfectly located for all to quickly drive, or even walk, to for a lunch break during a work day.

Not only is the food great but the atmosphere is sure to lighten your mood and make the back half of the day a breeze to get through. Below we’ll tell you a bit about what makes Tualatin Station the perfect spot for friends and coworkers to meet up and take a load off during your busy day.

Bar inside of Tualatin Station Bar & Grill

A Meal That Can Keep You Full

There’s nothing worse than sitting in your office space all day just to head to the breakroom to eat your reheated leftovers or whatever snack you remembered to grab on your way out the door in the morning.

Don’t get us wrong, you may love where you work and we love leftover pizza just as much as the next person, but doing it day after day can quickly get boring. Mixing it up and going out for your break may be just the pick me up you need to handle the rest of your day.

On cold days like these we recommend something hot to get you through, and luck for you, our menu is loaded with options to warm you up.

If you want something small, or are looking to share with friends and coworkers, we can’t recommend our chicken wings enough. They are one of our most popular menu items and come in flavors to satisfy any type of wing fan. From classic flavors like BBQ and buffalo to new and unique choices like spicy thai and chipotle blackberry, we have it all. One thing they all have in common though, is just how addicting they are.

Other small plates we have are our Station Nachos/Tachos which are our takes on the popular appetizer. Topped with house salsa fresca, sour cream, verde sauce, cheese, and roasted jalapenos and your choice of sliced brisket or pulled pork. But the options don’t stop there because you can have these prepared traditionally with tortilla chips, or with tater tots for all you potato lovers.

If you are looking for a bigger meal, or dont want to share, we can’t say we blame you. The food here is so good we can’t imagine that you won’t want every bite all to yourself.

If you are a sandwich lover, we have the perfect selection for you of both hot and cold options. On the cold side of things we have the Station Italian Sub which is out spin on the classic. Among our hot offerings we have all the classics you may desire on a rainy day. From cheesesteak and french dip, to our smokey brisket and fried chicken, none will disappoint.

While there are way more offerings on the menu than can be discussed here, we can’t move on without mentioning our beloved mac & cheese and our burgers. For the mac & cheese we actually have three wonderful flavors: truffle mac, bacon blue cheese, and BBQ pork. All of which have people coming back for more.

We won’t spoil all the options and leave some items to surprise you in-person, but our horseradish burger is a Tualatin Station classic and we had to give it a shout-out really quickly.

Pool table by outdoor seating at Tualatin Station Bar & Grill

A Drink and a Game

No offense to your place of work, but odds are it isn’t where you want to hangout on your break and you just stay there for the ease of it.

Here at Tualatin Station Bar & Grill we are all about having our restaurant’s atmosphere match the delicious food we serve up. Just like any great bar, we have TV’s you to watch current sporting games and a pool table to practice on or to enjoy a game between friends.

While your break may only be around noon, there’s now shame in enjoying a beer, a burger, and a game of pool with coworkers before heading back to the office. In fact it may be just what you need to give you the boost of energy necessary to get through the rest of the day.

Relaxing by playing a game or watching one is just the thing to help you rid yourself of any work-related stress. And even if you don’t care for sports or pool, we provide a fun and comfortable environment for all to enjoy.

Head Over To Tualatin Station Bar & Grill For a Great Meal Today!

Here at Tualatin Station Bar & Grill we have all the food, drinks, and fun times to make any work day more enjoyable or any day a better one. Come on by and try some of our customer favorite dishes like our chicken wings and horseradish burger and enjoy a game of pool and a beer while you're at it.

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